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Ian B Dunne - Often known as "The Professor" and the Science Stand Up.

Ian B Dunne and a Dinoskull

Where Art, Technology and Science impact, and come out laughing

Hello and Welcome to my website

My shows and workshops have been risk assessed with the Covid 19 in mind, they can be run with social distancing

I am proud to be an entertaining science show presenter, delivering Science Shows for everybody, young and old.

New for this term, Virtual, Distance Learning sessions, Teams, Zoom and Meet.

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New show: Think Like a Scientist.

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Tibbles The CatDroid, a Robot, Ian B Dunne, Science Shows Tibbles

Hugi The Raven, a Robot, Ian B Dunne, Science Shows Hugi

Jef3D2, the robot pal, Ian B Dunne Science Shows Jef3D2

Kat the Robotic Kat, Ian B Dunne Science Shows Kat

Ani, the animatronic skull, Ian B Dunne Science Shows Ani

Some robot friends I've made to help me

I will present for any age and the shows can be tweaked to fit, from Infants to Infinity and beyond. Nursery, Infants, Juniors, Secondary, A level, parents before they pick the kids up, the great general public, a corporate jolly and of course, Teachers.
I am a trained (and qualified) teacher and scientist, not just an actor but I do have performance skills honed in practice, I am able to ensure that your pupils will learn while being entertained and want to engage with science learning in the near future. For schools the shows can be linked to the curriculum.
I can help by assisting learning and good teaching, by challenging and supporting to improve outcomes and establishing a positive attitude with which the children will be ready to learn.
Whatever your Key stage, I am just what you need for your science week or National Science week.
I have a huge collection of equipment, specimens and experiences available to bring to you, providing I can get it in the car.
Why I do what I do with some quotes of happy audiences
I have presented at the Royal Institution and many British Science festivals.
I am based in Southampton but I'll a do science show or tour anywhere, it broadens the mind.

I should probably tell you

I am a chemist (originally), a lapsed pyrotechnician, a qualified teacher, have been CRB checked, and have 5 Million Pounds public liability insurance (with a no claims discount)

I have been many things Author,  Entertaining Science Showman, Maths Showman, Science Storyteller & Educational Polymath ( I did not make that title up) and I like to make things too

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