Doodle Science - July 2016

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glow in the dark
I love glow in the dark things. I got a cheap ( an I mean cheap) UV laser from a well known auction site, and filled a jar with tonic water, which thanks to the quinine in it glows when uv is shined on it. The beam was reflected around inside the jar, very pretty and a tad educational.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for July

1st, 1858 Darwin and Wallace's paper on Natural selection is read to the Linnean society. (Good)
3rd, 1844 the last pair of Great Auks is killed (Bad)
and in 1886 Benz unveils the first purpose build car. (Probably Good)
5th, 1687 Newton published the Principia (Good)
10th, 1962 Telstar is launched, the first communications satellite (Good)
and in 1997 Scientists announce that DNA evidence supports the out of Africa theory of human evolution placing "African Eve" at between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago. (We are all closely related, probably Good)
19th, 1912 a meteorite explodes over Holbrook Arizona and showers 16,000 bits on the town. (Bad, but interesting)
21st, 1969 Armstrong and Aldrin walk on the Moon. (Good)
25th, 1978 the first test tube baby is born. (Good)

Things in the sky this month.

Jupiter will be visible in the West after Sunset, Mars is bright in the South and Saturn is just to the left of it. All worth a look.
4th, New Moon and NASAs Juno probe gets to Jupiter.
19th Full Moon
28th 29th Delta Aquarid meteor shower.

Interesting links

Paleo Future with an insane fair ground ride idea from the past.

Thingiverse, if you have a 3d printer then you probably know about this already, if not, have a look at what you could make..

The Science of Cooking