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Secondary school science shows for secondary schools.

Barbie, the VdG and Me Ian B Dunne, Secondary Science Show

There is nothing like a secondary school science show audience, I get their attention in the first minutes and do not let it go for an hour.
Stand Up Science for all.
As a trained (and qualified) teacher and scientist I am able to ensure that your pupils will learn while being entertained and want to engage with science learning in the future.
By assisting learning and good teaching, by challenging and supporting to improve outcomes and making a positive attitude the children will be ready to learn.
Curriculum linked
I can perform lots of demos that the science department either don't have time for, or do not have the Kit for.
Amusing, educational and inspirational, are words I like to use and other people use them too.
I will normally perform 4 or more shows in a day,to a year group at a time, each session running for about an hour, so getting to a lot of audience in a day is easy. A couple of tables, an electric socket, a jug of water and maybe a data projector is all I need.

A lot of secondary schools get me to do shows for their incoming primary schools or the newly attending year 7s to get them going.

National Science week Book now to avoid disappointment.
Light Saber Ian B Dunne Tesla Anni the 3d printed animatronic skull and Ian B Dunne Ian B Dunne Tesla at a secondary school science show Secondary school science show, Ian B Dunne Hair raising Kat and Ian B Dunne and the rod Seconday School Science show, Ian B Dunne in a h4 tent at the Southern h4 Bang

Ian B Dunne  Science Presenter and a full house for a science show Old Sparky Seconday School Science show

The Maths and Science Shows for Secondary Schools

Science Magic... Magic Science
Demonstrations that look like Magic
Great Moments in Science
Galileo, Newton, Darwin and beyond 
Think Like a Scientist
One to get them thinking
Fizz, Pop, Think
Demonstrations to make you go urgh, aaarh and wonder
Maths, Puerile and Apalled
A Secondary School Maths show with something more
Evolution, Adaptation, Darwin and that
The Wonders of Nature and how it got here
The Condensed History of the Universe
How we all got here
The nearest thing to real magic....Electricity
Electricity, with a bit about magnets
Olympic and Sports
Science of Sport
Things that fly, a good one for a themed day or week

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